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Litter registration process
Foreign owners

Le Club de l’Epagneul de Saint Usuge is a breed club affiliated to the SCC (Société Centrale Canine or French Kennel Club)), a recognized public-interest organization . Concerning reproduction, the following steps must be taken by the owners of the bitch. They will then become producers or breeders (amateur or professional). Those in favor of differentiated breeding can ask the breed club for a cattery name. Thus, all the puppies born at home from females belonging to them will bear their cattery name.

How to register a dog to the LOF (French Origin Book).

Make sure that the 2 breeders (mother and father) are definitely registered to the LOF after being judged conform to the standard and have the final certificate or Pedigree. The Saint Usuge Epagneul breed is recognized by the SCC only. That’s why the club is doing its best to get the FCI approval.

Meanwhile, foreign owners are invited to read the following important information.

  1. Please , don’t contact the SCC by your self.

  2. Send a Mail to : Charles MAGNY with copy to Jean-Pierre DUVERNE

We will do all the registration for you and also paid with check.

You have only to transfert the amount to the Club de l’Epagneul de Saint Usuge.

Pleas remember that following SCC rules has to be filled in

………- The certificate of service must be filled in, signed and sent to the SCC within 8 weeks after mating.

………- The birth certificate, must be sent to the SCC within 2 weeks after the birth.

………- The litter registration, must be sent to the SCC as soon as the animals are identified (tattoo or microchip)
…………………..and given a name beginning by the letter of the year within 6 months after mating.
…………………..This year, 2015, the letter is : L

Feel free to contact Charles MAGNY who is in charge of the dogs’ file information and who can assist those who wish to transmit through the SCC and notably the identity of the puppy buyers.

The Club is at your disposal to bring you all the necessary information and advice you need.
(1) For the choice of the male, you can use the expertise of Charles MAGNY who can advise you in how to avoid inbreeding
(2) If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club.

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